Hedging Strategy Course

Hedging Strategy Course

For professionals that are operating in exploration, excavation and production of:

  • Automobiles (Cars and Technology)

  • Oil, Gas, and Energy

  • Metals and Precious Metals

  • Soft Commodities

The Hedging Strategy Course (Fast-Track-Online) is designed to help companies and individuals understand how to minimize the risk of falling prices of their physical goods, and how does it function counteracting with hedging, and balancing the losses that may occur over a period of time. This course is suitable for professionals that are operating and are involved in exploration, excavation, and production of oil, energy,  materials, and products for core global industries.

Hedging Strategy Course Outcome:

  • Understand the risks of speculative trading on the stock exchange

  • Understand how Economic Results and Geo-Politics can influence prices to fall or rise

  • Learn the basics and understand the use of Support, Resistance, Volume, MA, and Bullish and Bearish Flags.

  • Understand how to read the signs of falling prices and develop a suitable hedging strategy for the given instrument.

  • Successfully develop and complete several hedging strategies.

    • With CFDs, Futures, or Options on Oil, Gold, Iron Ore, Aluminum, Copper, Wheat, Soy Beans, Sugar, and many other products.

Risk Disclaimer!