The Trade Academy LTD Claimed Company Page at

The Trade Academy LTD Claimed Company Page at

We are a London based global leading trading education and quantitative analytics company, and we have claimed company page at Fazzaco.

The Trade Academy LTD provides fully developed one year Wolf Trading Strategy™ course to its customers, and through its brand HC Analytix™ provides trading signals through bespoke platform to retail and institutional clients.

You can use the Trading Course and the Trading Signals in combination for better understanding of the markets, which from the experiences that we have should lead to better performance and sustainability of the trading portfolios of the user.

Fazzaco is a pioneering B2B forex media that offers up-to-date news and expert insights. The platform allows companies to claim and create their company pages, leave comments, post updates, and find potential clients and enables users to do business on the go through its first-of-its-kind App.

The Trade Academy LTD can be searched and seen in Fazzaco’s company list as education and trading signals provider:


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